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    Dr. Stephen Upchurch

    Chiropractic can help you just as it did me!

    I remember being a teenager and wondering if I was going to be able to run or even walk when I was in my 30′s or 40′s. I had been suffering with low back pain and sciatica for over five years and it continued to get worse. I had bouts where I couldn’t even stand for days. I also suffered from burning neck pain and hands that would be numb for days at a time. The normal medical route of pills and therapy offered little help for me. I had always played sports and was very physically active. My spine problems were greatly interfering with my ability to play sports and work. With no help from the medical profession and with my pain and numbness getting worse, I was getting worried.

    I was in the premed curriculum at Wayne State with not too much further to go before applying to medical school. Having been involved in athletics and knowing that pills didn’t help my condition I knew there must be a healthier approach. An approach that would assist the body in regaining its normal ability to heal. I continued in the medical path searching for a more “natural” approach. A co-worker then convinced me to try Chiropractic. When I started seeing my own remarkable results with Chiropractic care when no one else could help me, I realized I had found my calling. Chiropractic was the natural inside out health care that I was searching for.

    Chiropractic Education

    I applied myself at Life Chiropractic College and graduated 5th in my class. My older brother four pointed through college, so I nearly reached his mark. I worked very hard, learned how to absorb all the information and made many friends. I clearly remember how any classes involving anatomy or neurology would keep me very engaged. Those textbooks were difficult to put down. I was also fascinated by Dr. Tom Morgan who retired from a very busy, successful practice in Mississippi to work with the students in the clinic at Life College. I enjoyed shadowing him as he saw the difficult cases in the clinic. He would never tire in answering all of my questions. While my education at Life College was invaluable, the philosophy they instilled was to love, give and serve your patients. I carry that forward in my private practice every day!

    On a personal note…

    If I am not at work, I am either with my family, working out or fixing/building something. I am married and have three of my own children and one stepdaughter. My twin boys also like to work out and are gaining on their father! My daughter is taking a more cerebral route and is going to college and learning to work with animals. My stepdaughter is following her mother's journey into psychology. My personal down time is in the gym! It’s a great stress reducer, way to stay healthy and enjoy a moment of solitude all in one. As I enjoy using my hands to fix people, the same applies at home where I enjoy fixing and creating things around the home. I like old cars and like to restore them to their original state.

    Health comes from the inside and takes time. The amazing thing is that the body will provide what you request to the best of its ability if you take care of it. I exercise 5-6 days a week. I get my own adjustments once a week because I want to stay in optimum shape. I eat a healthy diet. My kids were never vaccinated and very rarely were sick. My daughter was born at home. We rarely drink soft drinks or eat potato chips. I have my blood levels checked by my medical doctor regularly to monitor my body in my efforts to stay healthy. Testing and monitoring is fine. Having to take drugs and have surgery to function is not how I wish to experience life.

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    Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and working with you in getting your body working better! I take my job seriously and truly enjoy helping people. Call our Royal Oak chiropractic office to get started with chiropractic care today!


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